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Web Site Referencing and Positioning Service

As far as referencing is concerned, there are three possibilities, WH MEDIA. Advocates manual and natural referencing, the most effective of all:

Referencing / indexing: This step of indexing is carried out by the bots, the search engine robots that will browse your pages in order to include them in the databases of their search engine.

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This is the submission by the man of a site in the search tools or directories. This work consists of proposing a site by way of the submission headings specific to each search tool. This SEO technique is more efficient than automatic referencing. The submission must be accompanied by an optimization so that the site is correctly positioned in the engines.

Thanks to our SEO strategies, the positioning of your website among the first results of the search engines will be optimized. Today, it has become necessary to define a strategy of positioning by choosing the themes and keywords on which you wish to be found. Our experts will help you to find the keywords, those that your potential customers will use and which will not necessarily be the ones you will have thought of.

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Our web hosting packages:

  • Pack Presence
  • Professional Pack
  • Business Pack
  • Custom Pack

The Presence Pack is specially designed to start on the domain of web hosting, it is the best solution for your presence fast and efficient at a low price!

Free domain name: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz … etc

  • Disk space: 3 GB (3000 MB)
  • Bandwidth: 30 GB / Month
  • 3 E-mail address in the form: contact @
  • 3 FTP access
  • 3 Mysql 4 or 5 databases
  • Free software
  • Royalty-Free Stock Images (3000 Images)
  • Tools to help you create your site