Choosing A Hosting Service For Your Website

Introduction: A domain name is a part of the network address that helps in identifying its domain. It is the name of your website which is visible globally to every internet user. Domain names have the extension at their end such as .in, .com, .us, etc.

To make your domain visible on the net, you have to get your website hosted by a hosting company. A website hosting company provides you with the services like hosting, storing data over the server, etc. on lease to its clients. For more information about website hosting, you can visit Webxcell Hosting (Official Website:

The hosting services provided by hosting companies to its users can be divided in two major categories. These are smaller hosting services and larger hosting services.

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Smaller Hosting Services: –

It is the most basic hosting service where a webpage or a web file is uploaded by using the web interface or File Transfer Protocol (FTP). These files are delivered to the server with minimal processing. Web hosting services can be obtained from many Internet service providers (ISP’s) for free of cost.

Free web hosting is restricted in its working area, sometimes with advertisements or when compared with a paid version. Generally, the personal web pages are free, sponsored or inexpensive and are used for single page hosting.

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Larger Hosting Services: –

Large scale companies are connected to the web for sending emails, files, etc. They use a computer as a host to their website and provide details regarding their goods and services.

Larger hosting services can be further classified into sub-categories: –

Shared Web Hosting: –

Websites may share common resources such as CPU and RAM from the common pool of server resources once placed over the server. 

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Reseller Web Hosting: –

In this service, the client is made the host for its website and can have their own dedicated virtual server. You can also read this article to get more information regarding hosting services.

Virtual Private Server: –

In this, the server resources are distributed over the virtual server in a way that does not affect underlying hardware.

Dedicated Hosting Service: –

The client has its own dedicated web server with full control over it and is solely responsible for its security and maintenance.

These are the services which are generally used. Your website is your responsibility and you have to choose the best hosting for it. In case you are still doubtful, contact the experts at a hosting website before you finally purchase a hosting.