Different Types Of Software Development Models

As technology is evolving, there is increasing demands of the software. The software is a set of instructions which are used for running an application. There are many different methods of developing a software but the best method is one by which you have the software which has high functionality, reliability, usability, portability, efficiency, and maintainability.

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For developing a software, each developer may use a different set of the algorithm and hence the size of the program may vary. A small program is not always the efficient one. It could be a case where a code of 3 lines work more efficiently and quickly while the code of 10 lines is bit slow and visa versa.

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As the way of each developer vary, same is the case of development he follows. There are different software development models along with various features by which you can get your software built. These are as follows

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Waterfall Model

It is the first and most basic software development model which could be used for the development purpose of your software. This is one way approach to software development that is if you have completed one part and started with the next then any changes made in the previous part would have an effect on whole software.

Incremental model

In this type of software development model, the software development part is further subdivided into smaller projects and hence simultaneous development starts. In this model, the testing part is done after completion of each part. In the end, when all the parts are completed, all of them are combined and final testing is done.

Spiral model

In this development model, the development process is done in a sequential way. In this information is gathered, all possible risks are analyzed then the development and testing take place. If the software does not pass the testing phase then the whole working cycle starts from the starting.

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