Essential Guide to Using a Recruitment Agency

Finding a new job can seem like a daunting task. One effective method is to use a recruitment agency to help you. Recruitment agencies often have a large variety of permanent and temporary jobs which covers all industrial sectors.

They often have unadvertised job choice, because many employers will use an agent to do the job rather than advertise vacancies themselves. If you do your homework carefully approach can be quite painless and mutual benefit. You can find best recruitment agencies in Gauteng via

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The first thing that you should consider both before contacting a recruitment agency is your CV. It is always good to have your CV up to date. If you do not already have a CV you have to write one as soon as possible.

Do not expect a recruitment agency to write a CV for you. Check that it is well laid out and easy for recruiters to read. CV writing can be difficult so consider using a service or an online CV builder. This can prove to be a low cost and easy method to write a CV.

Once you have your CV then agency task should be started.

There are quite a lot of recruitment agencies out there, all offering a variety of services. You have to be selective. Make a list of questions in advance that you can ask the consultants right at the beginning.