Fix The Issue Of Intermittent Wireless Connection In Wireless Range Extender

The issue of intermittent wireless connection will certainly not be liked by the people who rely upon a good internet connection to get their work done. But, the intermittent wireless connection is an in fact a common issue especially when we talk about Wi-Fi Range Extenders. If you are facing the same issue, then no need to worry. You can fix these issues easily by following some simple steps.


  1. Make sure that wifi range extender is properly connected to the power adapter .
  2. Make sure that the extender is within the Wi-Fi range of the router and the client device that is connected to the wireless range extender network.
  3. Now, take your laptop or computer and open the GUI of the extender by going to
  4. Now add your log in details in it. You need to add same email and password that you have used while setting up for extender account. If you are asked for a username and password, then you will have to enter ‘admin’ in the username block and ‘password’ in the password field. If you are not able to log into your account, then maybe you have changed your password. So, enter the password that you have created in order to get into the account.
  5. Check if range extender Wifi has got the updated firmware or not. If not, then you will have to upgrade the firmware because old firmware can cause issues.
  6. If there is a new firmware available, then you will get an alert for the same at the top of the Wi-Fi range extender GUI. Click on that alert in order to update the firmware.
  7. You can also click on ‘Device Update’ page. For that click ‘check’ to confirm in case a new firmware update is available. If you are able to find the new firmware, then proceed to update the firmware.
  8. Reset the Wi-Fi range extender by using a pointed object to the reset hole of the device for about half a minute and wait until the Wi-Fi range extender boots itself in the right way.
  9. Connect the device that you want to connect now either through a wireless network or wired one.
  10. It’s time to reconfigure the Wi-Fi extender again. You can get in touch with the manufacturer of your extender to get the right installation and reconfiguration details.

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