How to Choose a Good Financial Advisor – A Lawyer’s Perspective?

Working in the field of estate planning, I can offer a few criteria that I look for in the light of my experience working with financial professionals.

You can also get the help of financial advisors for best financial advisor services. Here are the tips when "interviewing" candidates are competing for your business:

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(1) Referral Qualified: Does the candidate come to you, or if you contact the candidate, based on the reference in quality? With "qualified reference," in other words, is the candidate someone recommended to you based on their proven success with their clients, or the person who called you as someone you trust who make a recommendation? Keep in mind that advisors are in a business that relies heavily on referrals.

(2) Objective Ratings: It is helpful to know whether the advisor works for a company rated good or company. So, rely on more than one source rating.

(3) Compensation Driven Advice: Unfortunately, they are in a financial position as possible such as sales-related industries held to scrutiny. When it comes to making financial recommendations, advisor itself dictates adherence reception, to some extent, based on whether the product is recommended to pass the 'suitability' test.

(4) Good Standing: It is not offensive to simply ask about a good performance adviser with the license and / or disciplinary action that may have been taken.

(5) Whose on the advisory team: Meet all of the advisory team's "players" who will be part of making decisions and handling your account.