List Of Vital Compatible Components For Building Custom PC

The reasons to build own customized PC varies person to person. Some of the common reasons to build own PC includes improving the system of gaming purpose, or for building a tiny entertainment machine or just to save some money by assembling your own budget machine.

Therefore, whatever is your reason it is vital to pick the right components. From motherboard processor combo to power supply you need to assemble the right parts which are also compatible with each other. This aspect is emphasized so that you can get the exact efficient type of PC that you want.

Following mentioned are the parts that need to be quadruple checked for compatibility:

  • Processor – It needs to match the motherboard’s CPU socket.
  • Motherboard – It should be compatible with the processor, RAM, and power supply. This includes the correct number of pins for motherboard and CPU rail.
  • RAM – It must match the number and type slots on the motherboard.

  • Storage – You need to make sure that it fits in the case and motherboard should have adequate SATA ports.
  • Case – Pick the case which can fit motherboard, power supply, CPU cooler, and the number of storage drives such as micro ATX slim case.
  • Graphics card – For this, the motherboard needs the right sort of PCIe slot to hold it. Thus it needs to fit the size of the CPU case and needs the right connector for power supply.
  • CPU cooler – It needs to fit your motherboard or CPU socket and fit inside the case.

  • Power supply – It requires the right overall electrical capacity for the build as well as it needs the correct number of pins on the motherboard and CPU rail. Additionally, it needs enough extra rails for the graphics card, storage drives, and other power-drawing extras.

Moreover, you may visit this site to get to know about some pertinent details regarding how to build custom PC for gaming purpose. This guide will make the process much easier for you with knowledge of all the fundamentals.