Supplementary Foods To Cure Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer is an ordinary problem all over the world and has an effect on other aspects of life. It is mostly found in men than women and in the maximum age of 40 and 60 years old. With the passage of time, the ratio of this incidence is decreased by 50%.

To cure form gastroesophageal junction cancer there are various supplementary foods listed below that are recommended by the doctors to eat for better treatment.

Supplementary Foods

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Broccoli Sprouts:

In a study, there is a column published related to cancer and found that 2.5 ounces of broccoli per day are eaten for the whole 2 months radically compact the number of settlements of HP more than 40%.


Curcumin is a source from Turmeric and is an influential antioxidant and anti-provocative. It fights against the special effects of free radicals and swelling that is caused by infectivity with HP.


In one more study, it is found that the probiotic and Lactobacillus both lessen the necessitation for antibiotic healing treatment of HP.

Green Tea:

A lot of findings were revealed in February 2008 that the EGCG element of green tea diminishes the threat of stomach cancer, especially in women by 75%.

Vitamin C:

In research it is originated that individuals with an elevated level of vitamin C had lower levels of HP. It also helps in lowering the happenings of both gastric ulcers and stomach cancer kind of problems.

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