How to be Young Forever?

Many of the skin creams and lotions on the market don't do a whole lot over empty your pockets, but that's not true for all of them. Only using a light moisturizer daily and evening after washing with a gentle cleanser can do a great deal to prevent and reduce wrinkles.

Products that include retinol, a sort of vitamin A, may also help by eliminating dead skin and increasing collagen production to ensure that they temporarily decrease the appearance of wrinkles.

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Products containing botanical extracts appear to produce not as effective effects and might not be as useful.

Aging is generally accompanied by a change in how the body produces hormones like testosterone, estrogen, human growth hormone, and progesterone.

This is especially obvious in women, who undergo menopause sometime in middle age, but in addition, it happens to guys. In scenarios where reduced hormone levels are inducing depression, exhaustion and similar problems, getting hormone supplementation can reduce the effects of aging and make patient’s look and feel much younger.

Hormone treatments aren't for everybody, however. A heightened level of hormones isn't always better, and such treatments often come with a range of unwanted effects.

For instance, increasing testosterone levels may also produce a heightened chance of thinning hair loss, aggression and heart attack risk.