Plastic Surgery or Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive surgical techniques used to build or restore parts of the human body are known as Plastic Surgery. At the same time also known for aesthetic surgery, plastic surgery is carried out to reconstruct efficient injuries originating from traumatic injuries, burns, facial fractures, congenital abnormalities such as cleft lip; weirdness of growth, transmission of cancer and disease.

Reconstructive or plastic surgery is done to return you to the natural appearance of all forms of disability. From the Greek word "plastikos" which means mold or shape, the word plastic has been lowered, and reconstructive surgery is known as plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is mostly done in cases such as breast reduction, breast implants, repair of scars, removal of tumors and some reconstruction of other body parts to give them the right shape that looks normal and natural. With plastic surgery, anyone can have an operation to reconstruct parts of his body, and he will never have to hide parts of his body or feel embarrassed in public. The skin used in plastic surgery can come from your own body or someone else's. To find out more about plastic and reconstructive surgery, navigate to this site

The best known, the term in plastic surgery is cosmetic surgery which is used to improve physical appearance and facial expression. In most cosmetic surgeries, surgeons increase or restore facial or physical expression through surgery. Most people do cosmetic surgery to repair their nose and lips.