What is the Purpose of a Title Company?

Title Company is a company that checks the title of a property for liens, fix all problems, and facilitate the closure of property smoothly while ensuring that purchases are processed correctly.

When you finally decided which house you wanted to buy, the next step was to go to closure. The main task of the national default title services is to do a title search.

This is very important. Just as said above, this is basically a company title checking property rights for each lien or claim that can have an adverse effect on the actual closing.

You always should have a "free and clear" title before you buy a house. This means that any liens against property such as mechanical liens, second mortgages, reverse taxes, etc. are fully repaid or that the debt is forgiven by the lien holder.

Even though liens are generated from the seller and their responsibility to take care of them, buyers cannot buy a house without a title "free and clear".

After the transfer deed from the seller to the buyer, the buyer is legally considered the Home Owner and is responsible for taking care of the Mortgage, as well as other liens against the property. It doesn't make sense to do a title search after you buy a house.